“I have felt the powerful Samba rhythm during Carnival in Brazil.  I have felt unimaginable adrenaline, being carried by a horse, galloping at top speed, deep within the canyons on the Dine’ reservation. I have been deafened by the song of the cicadas, clinging to trees that tower over the ancient Mayan Temples of Tikal.  I have awakened to a family of wild African elephants grazing at dawn in the Kenyan Savanah.  I have been lulled into a trance by the rhythmic percussion of the Gamelan music while the sun set into the Indian ocean, as the Hindu story of Rama and Sita was told through a traditional Balinese dance.”

Heather Benjamin jewelry emerged from my early desire to seek experiences far off the beaten path. This quickly translated into a life-long journey of exploring the world, immersing myself in myriad cultures and landscapes, and of seeking out opportunities to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

My jewelry designs are inspired by rituals, symbols and stories found in diverse cultures around the globe. This passion for human diversity ignited my collegiate studies in anthropology and photography — disciplines which continue to inform my worldview and creative process from the deepest level.

The traditional artisanship of Bali is central to my creative universe. It’s the island where my pieces are made and where I have returned countless times. It is my second home.

Jaspers, chacedonys and agates become my pigments as I strive to paint unique stories. Brought together with recycled silver and gold, these stones and stories take the form of jewelry.

My pulse still quickens as I discover new ingredients. I revel in the distinct and diverse orbital patterns of Jasper from coastal Madagascar. My heart is pulled on a journey through the meandering topographic-patterned, sliced-banded agates formed out of Volcanic rock, pressure and time. Witnessing the intense sculptural detail achieved by my master carvers through their work with naturally shed deer antler fills me with awe.

It’s the unpredictable and powerfully soulful process of storytelling. I fall in love again and again.

At the heart of my creations is a sense that engagement with the natural world connects us to beauty at its purest level. And that this connection fosters the kind of understanding and compassion so deeply needed for our planet and all its beings to survive and thrive.

My mission with my company, and with all of my creative work/life, is in this way so much more than adornment; it’s a way to connect: to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us.